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The Seven Significant Steps to Lasting PEACE and JOY is a powerful summary of the key lessons I learned in my spiritual search for truth, which has resulted in the beautiful life I have today. 

These seven steps have set me free from pain, fear, sorrow, conflict, and separation, and have led me to peace, joy, divine love, and freedom.

I sincerely believe that following these seven steps will take you to the PEACE,  JOY, Divine LOVE, and FREEDOM to which they led me.


  • I can now say that I know there is a PEACE that “passes all understanding.”

  • I can now say that I know there is such a thing as unconditional LOVE, both as a gift I can give to others, and as a gift I can receive. 

  • I can now saythat I know that I know a JOY so deep no sorrow can diminish it.

  • I can now say that I know what real FREEDOM is.

I genuinely want everyone to experience what I have.
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The purpose of this website is to help create positive, life-changing experiences. The best way to experience something is to do it.

After each of the Seven Steps, a “CALL TO ACTION” is provided which recommends an activity, or activities, to perform in order to experience the concept presented in the step.

Look for the recommended activity to do for each STEP along Your way.          Go to 

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The Seven Significant Steps To Lasting PEACE and JOY

A.  To achieve the greatest results from The Seven Significant Steps to Lasting Peace and Joy,
       it is best to go through them in the order they are presented.

Please move through the steps at the pace you think is best for you. Some of the seven steps

      may prove to be easy to accomplish – maybe you have already taken them.

C.  Some steps will seem obvious and maybe even seem simple; however, simple does not
      always equate to easy.

D. Be patient with yourself as you go through the process. Spiritual awakening is most frequently a
​     process; I still find I need to consciously follow each step each day to experience peace and joy. ​