​This book contains practical steps ​to enhance spiritual growth, wise parables, personal stories, and much more.

This is a handbook - like a textbook.​  Sentences are numbered for easy referencing when discussing the material.

Discover in The Spirit of Unconditional Love: A Handbook the answers I found in my search for truth.

What is unconditional love?

Can we actually live unconditional love?

Who are we really?

Can we really forgive?

What is our spiritual purpose in life?

Experience the formula:
P + B = E = A 
        The formula answers the questions:
               1.  Why do I feel what I feel?
               2.  Why do I do what I do?
               3.  How can I really change ?

I sincerely hope these books are of value to you. 

The spirit of unconditional love: A handbook by Jeanne Marie Sanner
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Alert: Everyone's life comprises graphic moments; mine is no exception, and those times are included.​

Finding Unconditional Love a Little "Peace" at A Time takes you through the author's personal spiritual journey from Hell to Heaven.

Learn How to overcome obstacles in your life. 
Discover a pathway to inner peace and joy.

My journey traversed a path littered with my father's physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; the complications of coming to grips with being gay; dealing with the pain of destroying a marriage; coping with being raped by a stranger and its tragic aftermath, and being crushed by my partner's infidelity to ultimately finding a path brightly lit by a miracle beyond doubt and an awakening beyond words. 

That's the path that led me to the power to become a victor not a victim. 

Falling into unconditional love has made traveling this road worth all the potholes encountered along the way. ​